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Our experience in supplying sanitary ware and tile for hotels is the guarantee of the best possible choice. In the last 10 years we have supplied over 100 new hotel constructions and renovations throughout Greece, from the most iconic and demanding to the smallest hotel units. We recommend branded houses because of the guarantee they provide for spare parts and consumables for a very long time (basin covers, telephones, spirals, flushing mechanisms, batteries, etc.). We undertake the complete development of a specification dossier for funding through the NSRF, with technical details and factory production certificates. We can suggest a variety of alternatives that meet the product and financial needs of each project. We provide customized solutions that can meet even the most demanding needs. We have a wide range of materials, from the most traditional (ceramic tile, granite, marble) to the most modern (solid surface, clear cement mortar).Our size allows us to offer the most competitive prices on the market. We offer the best after sales service, especially needed in large hotels that will need supplies in the future.